One Day After Biden Meeting, Military’s Explicit Threat To Election

One Day After Biden Meeting, Military’s Explicit Threat To Election


Nogueira de Oliveira uses the same conspiratorial concepts and language as Bolsonaro and the Generals have repeated for the past year, and highlighted in bold are several threatening passages. It makes clear that, despite the constitution, the Military, see themselves as guardians of the electoral system and democracy, as the “fourth power of the Republic”:

“Without this dedicated, zealous and efficient work of the Armed Forces, it becomes very difficult for the Brazilian State to carry out elections in part of the country.”

The General follows on this theme:

“the work of the Armed Forces is always democratic, seeking to contribute to the country having fair, democratic and transparent elections.”, “the Armed Forces developed plausible proposals, at various levels, from technical to governance”, “I reiterate that the suggestions proposed by the Armed Forces need to be debated by the technicians.”, “It should be noted that a fundamental premise is that the exercise of the vote is secret, not its verification.”, “In summary, what is sought with the proposals of the Armed Forces is to improve the security and transparency of the electoral process”.

“it is established that parties and coalitions will be able to inspect all the phases of the voting process and the counting of elections and the electronic processing of the aggregation of the results”, referring to previous demands for auditing via printed vote and parallel count conducted by the Armed Forces themselves.

To justify all this, he argues that “the Armed Forces were invited by this Court” and “listed as supervisory entities”. The general then complains that the “TSE has signalled that it does not intend to deepen the discussion”.

In a chilling passage which made the headlines, Bolsonaro’s Defence Minister complains that “the Armed Forces do not feel properly honored” by the Electoral Court.


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