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Flores & Corvo Azores Map | Portugal Visitor


Portugal Maps: Flores & Corvo Azores Map

Poço Ribeira Do Ferreiro, Flores, The Azores, Portugal

Flores together with Corvo forms the western group (Grupo Ocidental) of islands of the Azores archipelago.

The island’s name “Flowers” derives from the thousands of hydrangeas that thrive in the warm, moist climate.

The main towns are Santa Cruz on the north coast and Lajes on the east coast.

Santa Cruz is the larger of the two with a population of around 2,200 people whereas Lajes is home to approximately 1,800 inhabitants. The entire population of Flores numbers just over 4,000 and is contained in these two municipalities.

Museums on Flores include the Fábrica da Baleia do Boqueirão a former whaling factory now dedicated to the island’s history and culture of whaling. The nearby Museu das Flores in the former Convent of São Boaventura has exhibits on a variety of subjects including ethnology, history and culture as well as a collection of scrimshaw.

The tiny island Corvo (‘cormorant‘ in Portuguese) is only 6 km by 3 km (4 miles by 2 miles) and is reached by daily boat from nearby Flores. With around 300 inhabitants in the solitary village of Vila Nova, the island is a haven of tranquility and a center for bird-watching in its crater lakes. The island is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Accommodation on Flores mainly consists of lodges, rental homes and guesthouses.

Some well-liked properties to choose from include the Residencia Mateus and the Casa Atlantida both on the west coast close to Poço Ribeira Do Ferreiro.

Elsewhere on the island try the Casa da Guida in Lajes on the southeast coast or the nearby Casa Boa Onda, a holiday home with kitchen, a lounge, dining area and satellite flat-screen TV.

See a full listing of available accommodation in Flores.

Map of the Azores.
Map Of The Azores © PortugalVisitor

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