Brazi Bites Back in Stock at Costco NE!

Brazi Bites Back in Stock at Costco NE!


We’ve added thousands of stores since this blog was posted. Please check our locator to find all the stores near you. 

Brazilian Cheese Bread is back at select Costco locations in the Northeast! We can think of a million reasons why you’re going to want to stock-up on our 62-piece Cheddar & Parmesan bags. Here are just a few:

  • 🎒 easy school lunches
  • 🌷 family get-togethers
  • ☀️ quick afternoon snacks
  • ☕️ leisurely breakfasts

Ok, we’re officially hungry. Time to renew those memberships and go on that Costco run! Not sure where to shop? Check out the list below.


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